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Pansexual Polyamorous Demigirl, 21. in SE Austin, needs new living situation. I have to be out of my apartment on July 31st. I can afford around $400/month with rent, but prefer less if possible. I’m open to meeting people to get a new place together, i know kids are coming back for college at UT….



Israel begins its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip

Firing on medics is a fucking street gang tactic. Israel is run by simple thugs.

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you ever see a thing that just makes you cackle? x

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….he Lord of the monarch butterflies ,one time a ruler of the world of art


This lovely monarch came to visit my zinnias the other afternoon.


My little Thorkins thought I was trying to get a good shot of him. Sorry,little guy. You’re not always the awesome thing I must take a picture of.

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title from a song called “Caruso” by Joan Baez





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White slaves masters raped black women and turned their backs on their offspring. They are the original dead beat dads.

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can you say Thomas Jefferson and everyone of his co signers of the declaration of so called independence. yeah independence for who ?

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Not so fun fact: those signers were so hounded by the fact that they kept slaves that many of them bent over backwards to justify keeping slaves, including pointing out cranial structures and cultural differences. They were claiming black people to be subhuman so that they could claim they wanted freedom while still keeping slaves.

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Fetishizers and racists love to argue that if you find someone sexually attractive, aesthetically pleasing, or have lust for them; you “are not racist”.

Quite the contrary, lusting someone because of a fetish means that you do not see them as human; merely a play you for your sexual fantasies. It is dehumanizing. The object of lust can easily be replaced by anyone who looks similar and their happiness is not needed as long as yours it guaranteed.

Usually when people ask how a racist can have sex with someone of another race I use this very example of the slave/master complex.

-Susie the moderator

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Just 7?
I just mentioned on Twitter that her TED talk is making the rounds again quite heavily, so someone sent me this link. That talk marked the beginning of my icky feelings toward her,combined w/ not paying her musicians , and maybe it was because it rubbed me so wrong that I started to pay more attention and notice what an asshole she is.
Starting to feel like every time she talks, I get pissed off. The one think on this list I actually was ok w/ was “Oasis” and I’m not sure why because logic says it should have been a major trigger thing for me.

Beyoncé Just Gave Us the Best Reason to Love Her Yet – Mic

Over the last five years, Beyoncé has given $7 million of her own fortune to fund a housing complex for homeless people in Houston.