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This morning, Jane escaped police custody while being transported to a court-mandated therapy session. She was found by Hartford police this afternoon and is reportedly being taken back to state custody. At this time the exact conditions of her detention are unknown.

Many wonder why Jane…


FCKH8 posted a statement on their blog yesterday in response to the Colorlines article that questioned the motives of their “I’m over racism” t-shirt and viral video. If you’re not caught up, here’s a rundown of how this whole thing started.

The post is of course, predictably defensive,…

Why “What if it were your wife,sister,daughter, etc?” is always a stupid way to look at it. Why do women have to belong to you for ya’ll to give a shit?

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So, I stumbled upon this lovely gem on my FB today. This is a handful of disgruntled people between the ages 17-20, as well as a mother to one of them. Apparently it is wrong to continue to fight for ones equality if it begins to harm the person who caused the uproar, despite the fact that the teacher in question still has her job, in addition to not having any sort of consequences for her disrespectful attitude. Please reblog this to show Kaleb that there are people who think he’s doing the right thing for standng up for his trans status, because no one should ever be called an “it”.

This is the article shown above:

Boces Continues to Employ

Below are the previous articles

Transgender Student Discrimination in Ithaca, NY

Yes, he was actually referred to as “it”

Student Files Federal Harassment Complaint Against TST Boces

This is his tumblr account. I’m sure he would appreciate some positive vibes c:

Kaleb Maarschalk

And this is his funding page to raise money for his surgery:

Kaleb’s Top Surgery

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TST-BOCES in Ithaca continues to employ teacher who discriminates against students #transgender #civilrights #racism #LGBT #twithaca

This past April ,I shared Kaleb’s story and the discrimination he was facing as a transgender student in the CNA program at TST-BOCES in Ithaca. (Read here: Transgender Student Discrimination in Ithaca, NY )

For a brief time, it seemed progress was being made and other students would be protected from the same bigotry Kaleb faced. The teacher was suspended. Students & parents were told the…

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Mary Harris, Fight for 15 leader & Wendy’s worker arrested – image uploaded by @fightfor15 Fight For 15.

A great place to keep up with the current fast food strikes and living wage activism is at <a class=”ProfileHeaderCard-nameLink u-textInheritColor js-nav
” style=”font-size:22px;font-weight:bold;line-height:1;word-wrap:break-word;color:inherit !important;background:transparent;” href=”;>Fight For 15 and by…

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Because you may have Native blood, but do you have the heart to pump it?

If a person of colour tells you that what you’re wearing is offensive then don’t wear it.

Disclaimer: This comic only applies to those [“you” meaning those who wear headdresses where it does not apply to them or their culture, hense cultural appropriation] or have in some way done offense in the term of cultural appropriation and this post was created specifically for said people in order to perhaps gain a better understanding of why cultural appropriation is offensive to many Native Americans [and to whom it applies within any person of colour] and strictly for educational purposes. This post does not mean to offend those who have done some sort of act of unintentional offense to Native Americans in the past by means of cultural appropriation and presently understand the offense that was made and regret it.

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My friend Maggie, at the young age of 34, just found out she has a twin, and now it’s up to all of us to help her find them!

I love a mystery!

Please share this photo!

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